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Mission Statement

Our number one priority at Leviticus International is to seamlessly manage your shipping needs across the globe. We pride ourselves on professionalism, integrity and reliability.

Leviticus International About Us

About Leviticus International

At Leviticus International, we build our company on trust and professionalism. We focus on delivering excellent transport services and client care. We transport goods coast to coast in Canada and worldwide.

We assure our clients will receive their products securely and on time.

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Leviticus International ocean freight

Ocean Freight

We offer a range of Ocean Freight services guaranteed to suit our customer’s needs. With our ocean freight service, we ship vehicles of all sizes and vehicle parts internationally.

Leviticus International land freight

Land Freight

Land freight is one of our most commonly used services at Leviticus International. With our extensive network of partners we are able to provide transportation by both truck and rail within Canada and the US.

Leviticus International air freight

Air Freight

Need to expedite your international shipment? Air freight is the fastest way to ship your products internationally. Our team of trained professionals will safely load and secure your vehicle for air transport.